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Too many meetings and workshops waste time and energy, lacking real honesty and clarity. Our facilitators promote the breakthroughs and insights needed for successful outcomes. Read more...


Strategic Planning is an art as much as a science. It needs all our faculties to be successful. So our facilitators help you tap your creativity and intuition as well as your reason and logic. Read more...

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By allowing delegates at conferences and workshops to set the agenda and select which topics to discuss,  participants take responsibility for their participation, creating lively and meaningful conversation. Read more...


Away days and Off-sites that tackle the key issues your team faces, whilst facilitating an experience that will change the way that the team thinks, feels and relates to itself and others. Read more...

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Facilitation literally means 'making it easy'. In this context, we make your conversations, meetings, workshops, conferences easy. When it's easy to speak, listen, share and discuss, you get a 'meeting of minds' - people understand and feel understood.

Understanding is the key to collaboration. Collaboration is the lifeblood of your organisation, whether it's a Startup, a FTSE 100, a Non-profit or the NHS.

Whether it's you and your business partner or the entire sales force of a multi-national, without good communication, difficulties emerge that ultimately lead to misunderstanding, confusion, conflict and failure.

So facilitation is about making communication easy and effective; honest, safe and productive.


Facilitation works by separating Process and Content...

By Process, we refer to the logistics of the conversation: Who speaks to whom and for how long; the forming of smaller discussion groups; plenary feedback; the use of tables, flipcharts and technology; summaries, breaks etc. And, by prior agreement, the agenda and the context of the conversations. Everything but the content itself.

By Content, we mean the conversations themselves - what people say and how they say it.

Making a clear distinction between these two aspects of a meeting goes a long way to creating a safer and more attentive environment in which people can be more honest, more creative and more understanding.


Facilitation works primarily through the creation of a level playing field for all the participants. Without facilitation, it generally falls to the most senior person in the room to organise and chair the conversation. Facilitation suspends hierarchy.

Even if they know what they are doing, they will not be able to act with total impartiality, given their vested interest in the outcome. When you connect that inevitable bias with the power and influence of their job title over others in the room, independence becomes a pipe dream.

An independent facilitator is not concerned with the outcomes, only that they are a true reflection of the collective thinking and feeling in the room. This frees up the senior people to 'just be another member of the team' - something they all say comes as a great relief!


Clarity Facilitator - Chris Pearse

Chris Pearse set up and ran several businesses in the UK and abroad before founding Clarity Space. Chris excellent insight into people and organisational dynamics and is able to facilitate change quickly with both individuals and teams. He is also a chartered engineer.

Clarity Facilitator - Johnnie

Johnnie Moore has a real talent for seeing beyond the obvious to deeper levels of meaning. He excels at facilitating individuals and groups to explore alternatives in challenging or complex situations. Johnnie has studied philosophy, psychology and flown sea-planes in Canada.

Clarity Facilitator - Carol

Carol Noakes is an expert voice coach and facilitator, specialising in powerful communication for individuals and teams. She is a creative facilitator and often pulls surprise tools out of the bag to aid better communication, transformation and understanding.

Clarity Facilitator - J-A

Julie-Anne Taylor has extensive experience coaching individuals in their private and working lives. She is a qualified hypnotherapist and has transformed clients’ working lives through her insights into human behaviour. She has worked in the USA and holds a pilot’s licence.

Clarity Facilitation Client - Reed
Clarity Facilitation Client IET
Clarity Facilitation Client LAMDA


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